This project is dedicated to all the people not afraid to dip their toes in...or shall I say drip.


we goddess. we got this. 💦💦💦

This series will be dedicated to and of course is inspired by ALL WOMXN and feminists EVERYDAMNWHERE. All womxn vocals. All things FEMME. All genres. All styles. All ages. Finishing Black History Millenia, some mixes in particular are dipped heavily in Black Gyal Magic. The Black Gyal Magic eDRiPtion is dedicated to strong, powerful, BLACK womxn e v e r y where. Across the globe. Old skool to new. Classical to Cardi B. Most yams you may know, as they are hymns that have been engrained into our souls. And for the ones you don't, I encourage you to #divein and do some research, especially if they also move your spirit! Get some new bangers in ya system. That's what I'm here for. This is a calling to expand the excellence that is ALL Black Womxn locally, internationally, and Universally! For all I know, we are out of this world. We are (God)desses after all, right? Different ages, sizes, sexualities, genres, styles, and voices. ALL things melanated. Listen, learn, and LOVE YOURSELF AND EACH OTHER. THAT'S our answer. WE are the answer.

Evie, the founder of the womens empowerment organization, Babes Only, reached out to me because they wanted me to create a mix for their podcast that launched March 2018.They featured mixes by female DJs from all over the globe with the purpose of introducing new artists and music to our listeners. If ya hadn't heard it on their soundcloud yet, here was mine. Full of MKE Love btw!



Competition subdripssions 💦💦💦

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more sweaty compilations 💦💦💦


All types of funk fa everybody. You're welcome. Blast it! Drip into the sunshine. Sending good vibes and peace.

#Divein 💦 Driplets 😎